• Evangelizing the Jews

    Preying on the Jews No Sunday services take place in this church. This congregation meets only on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. You will never see a cross or an altar. Instead, there is an Aron Kodesh (holy ark) with a star of David adorning its velvet cover, and a Bimah (stage for prayer services) in the center of […]

  • Outreach Judaism Responds to Jews for Jesus

    The central goal of Outreach Judaism is to respond directly and effectively to unyielding Christian missionaries who specifically target Jews for conversion. As overzealous, fundamentalist denominations grow worldwide and Jewish evangelism continues at a feverish pitch, the overwhelming task of Outreach Judaism becomes more vital than ever. puzzling given that whereas our Let’s Get Biblical audio series […]

  • How do Missionaries Paint Jesus into the Jewish Scriptures?

    [emd_donation email=”[email protected]”] This is a fascinating program where Rabbi Singer demonstrates how missionaries use the Jewish scriptures for the purpose of evangelizing and ultimately converting the Jewish people to Christianity.He illustrates how verses in the Hebrew Scriptures are manipulated, misquoted taken out of context, mistranslated, and even invented by overzealous missionaries in order to make […]

  • What are we doing Wrong and What are they doing Right?

    [emd_donation email=”[email protected]”] In this provocative lecture, Rabbi Singer explains why organizations like Jews for Jesus have succeeded in the last two decades where the church has failed in the last two millennia.Rabbi Singer will explore the methodology behind the intense effort to evangelize our people and examine what makes the conversion attractive to Jews that […]