• Does the Talmud Condone Murder, Pedophilia, and Idolatry?

    [emd_donation email=”[email protected]”] In a shocking assault on Judaism, anti-Semitic groups make a forceful argument that the Talmud, the sacred compendium of the Oral Torah, advocates the vilest crimes known to man. Tragically, these despicable allegations are made by both Christian and Moslem anti-Semites. How is it possible to slander this revered tome which contains the […]

  • Rabbinic View of Christianity

    [emd_donation email=”[email protected]”] Is the Church playing a central role in the grand scheme of God? Why did Christianity thrive among the masses while other religions faded away? What do the rabbis say about the most popular religion in the world? In this lecture, Rabbi Singer unravels the role of Christendom in the final redemption.

  • Paul and the Christian Corruption of the Jewish Scriptures

    [emd_donation email=”[email protected]”] While both Matthew and Paul quoted extensively from Tanach in order to support their teachings, only Paul would successfully persuade his audience. The Book of Matthew was written for a Jewish audience. As a result, Matthew’s mission largely failed among the people he sought to convert because the Jews were repelled by his […]

  • The Oral Law – Part 1

    [emd_donation email=”[email protected]”] More than 3,300 years ago, God transmitted to Moses both the Written and Oral Law. What is the Oral Law and why was it transmitted that way? Missionaries claim that although the Written Law is the word of God, the Oral Law was a mischievous invention of the rabbis! Is this claim really […]

  • Outreach Judaism Responds to Jews for Jesus

    The central goal of Outreach Judaism is to respond directly and effectively to unyielding Christian missionaries who specifically target Jews for conversion. As overzealous, fundamentalist denominations grow worldwide and Jewish evangelism continues at a feverish pitch, the overwhelming task of Outreach Judaism becomes more vital than ever. puzzling given that whereas our Let’s Get Biblical audio series […]

  • Why Didn’t the Red Ribbon on the Head of the Scapegoat Turn White in 30 C.E.?

    Question: I was wondering about a story that a “Hebrew-Christian” told me recently. He said that there was a scarlet cloth which would turn white every year when the high priest atoned for the sins of the people. When Jesus died, around 30 A.D., the cloth would no longer turn white when the priest atoned […]