• Dual Prophecy’ and the Virgin Birth

    Question: One of the methods you used in your tape series to refute missionary claims is to point out the context of the prophecy. For example, you point out that the seventh chapter of Isaiah cannot be a prophecy about Jesus’ virgin birth because it suggests that the prophecy was to have been fulfilled in […]

  • Does the Hebrew Word Alma Really Mean “Virgin”?

    Question: Dear Rabbi Singer, I have listened to your tapes and I have also read a number of your articles on your web site regarding Christ’s virgin birth, and you make some very good points. I have discussed this issue with my pastor, and although he did remark that he finds your arguments “interesting,” he […]

  • The Virgin Birth

    Question: Rav Singer, Why did you say Christians mistranslate the Scripture by saying “almah” doesn’t mean “virgin,” when their translation of virgin comes from the Septuagint’s “parthenos,” not the Hebrew “almah”? “Parthenos” does mean “virgin.” They didn’t mistranslate but used a different text. This is pretty well known. Did you not know? I don’t think […]