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  • Passages on the Unity of God

    I believe with perfect faith that God is one. There is no unity that is in any way like His. He alone is our God. He was, He is, He will be. Exodus 20:2-3 – The First of the Ten Commandments “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, and of […]

  • Who Killed Jesus?

    Question: Dear Rabbi, What can you answer to a “Christian” who claims that the Jews killed Jesus? I was too angry to think clearly of a good answer for that. Thank you. P.S. . . It’s hard to be a Jew in Hawaii sometimes! Answer: You shouldn’t get so angry at Christians who insist that […]

  • Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? What is the Evidence for the Resurrection?

    Question: Dear Rabbi Singer: I’m doing a project on missionary and counter-missionary groups. There is a very large section in my project that deals with theology. I have read your site as well as the Jews for Jesus site, and I must say that the information is both deep and extensive. I must commend you. […]

  • Sin and Atonement

    Question: Not being a Jew or a “Jew for Jesus,” I am confused by this “blood sacrifice” argument between the two groups. I am trying to understand. I believe in Christ and am a Christian. I agree with your assessment that the offering the Lord truly wants is a broken heart and contrite spirit full […]

  • The Virgin Birth

    Question: Rav Singer, Why did you say Christians mistranslate the Scripture by saying “almah” doesn’t mean “virgin,” when their translation of virgin comes from the Septuagint’s “parthenos,” not the Hebrew “almah”? “Parthenos” does mean “virgin.” They didn’t mistranslate but used a different text. This is pretty well known. Did you not know? I don’t think […]

  • Who Is Satan?

    Question: Dear Rabbi Singer, When you were in Buffalo, NY in November of ‘96, during the extended question and answer time, you were asked your view on angels and specifically about Satan. I was astounded at your answer and was more astounded that the other rabbis present did not step into the discussion. In your […]

  • Daniel Nines 70 Weeks

    [emd_donation email=”[email protected]”] There is no article of faith that is more central to the Church than the belief in the atoning value of Jesus sacrificial death at Calvary.Missionaries never miss an opportunity to point out the inability to expiate sin without the shedding of blood.Is this claim really true?In this crucial lecture, Rabbi Singer compares […]