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Listen to what happens when Way of the Master host tries to convert Rabbi Tovia Singer LIVE on air!

Listen to what happens when Way of the Master host tries to convert Rabbi Tovia Singer LIVE on air!


  1. Shalom Rabbi Singer; If sin is forgiven through repentance, why was there any need to make the cermonial sacrificial rite a central part of the Torah? In my opinion if prayer, repentance, Torah study, and tzdaka atone for sin today, what need is there to rebuild the Temple and re-institute the Levitical rites of sacrifice. We can have forgivness because atonement has been made whether we recognize it or we don’t. Want to dialogue with an Orthodox Jew who is denied the right to pray in a synagogue in Nazareth Illit because I believe that Yeshua of Nazareth was sent to take my judgement for sin so that I could go on living.

    • Rabbi Tovia does a teaching on this very issue. Please go to Outreach Judaism and listen to what he and the Tanakh says.

  2. I am learning so much from you and I love the way you teach!
    I hope to live in Israel someday soon!
    Any on-line Basic training schools you can point me to? I am a student of the Tanakh. I was a Christian for many years before I really started to study the Tanakh then my eyes were opened and I saw what a great Demonic Deception I had believed. Now I am on the right track with the right scriptures! Praise be to the Most High Elohim! Isaiah 43:10-14 45:21-22! The NT is a demonic lie with truth mixed in so well that you think you are eating something great but it turns out to be pure poison to your soul and mind and like a poison spit from a cobras mouth it blinds you to the truth of the One True God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob even though it is right next to your NT. The only way for many to see the truth is a side by side comparison and the question “WHO IS LYING TO YOU HERE? BOTH CAN’T BE THE TRUTH! WHICH ONE CAME FIRST?”There is no one like YAHUAH our MIGHTY ONE.” Exodus 8:10
    “YAHUAH, He is THE MIGHTY ONE; there is no other besides Him.” Deuteronomy 4:35
    “YAHUAH, He is THE MIGHTY ONE in heaven above and on the earth below; there is no other.” Deuteronomy 4:39
    “See now that I, I am He, And there is no Mighty One besides Me” Deuteronomy 32:39
    “Hear, O Israel! YAHUAH is our MIGHTY ONE, YAHUAH is one!” Deuteronomy 6:4
    “You are great, O MIGHTY ONE for there is none like You, and there is no MIGHTY ONE besides You” 2 Samuel7:22
    “For who is Elohim, besides YAHUAH And who is a rock, besides our Elohim?” 2 Samuel 22:32
    “YAHUAH is Elohim; there is no one else.” 1 Kings 8:60
    “You are the MIGHTY ONE, You alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth.” 2 Kings 19:15
    “O YAHUAH there is none like You, nor is there any MIGHTY ONE besides You” 1 Chronicles 17:20
    “You alone are YAHUAH.” Nehemiah 9:6
    “For who is , but YAHUAH And who is a rock, except our Elohim” Psalm 18:31
    “You alone, YAHUAH, are Elohim.” Isaiah 37:20
    “Before Me there was no Elohim formed, And there will be none after Me.” Isaiah 43:10
    “‘I am the first and I am the last, And there is no Elohim besides Me.” Isaiah 44:6
    “Is there any Elohim besides Me, Or is there any other Rock? I know of none.” Isaiah 44:8
    “I am YAHUAH and there is no other; Besides Me there is no Elohim ” Isaiah 45:5
    “Surely, YAHUAH is with you, and there is none else, No other Elohim ” Isaiah 45:14
    “I am YAHUAH, and there is none else.” Isaiah 45:18
    “Is it not I, YAHUAH? And there is no other Elohim besides Me, A righteous Elohim and a Savior; There is none except Me.” Isaiah 45:21
    “I am Elohim, and there is no other; I am YAHUAH, and there is no one like Me” Isaiah 46:9
    “And YAHUAH will be king over all the earth; in that day YAHUAH will be the only one, and His name the only one.” Zechariah 14:9

  3. Dear Rabbi Singer;
    Shalom. I tried a wile ago to respond; crashed. Good, thought more of what I shall say.
    Israel has a bargain, a contract I may say with HaShem. Fine when we keep it, had to T’Shuva when we did not. Part of this contract is we stay within the area of His Commandments. Because of this, of course, JC has to be out.
    I deal with would-be missionaries on Face Book. I am 70 years old; from the time I was a teenager I been approached, and by listening and comparing, I learn not only to stay with HaShem, but why their comments are not compatible. Today, a Jehovah Witness came by. 10 minuets, after I shared with her why the KJV is versioin #2, and how we came to received the Torah, she remember that her baby was in the car.
    Also, I dealt with a Muslim telling us we better convert or go to hell. I get many likes. I am not boasting, but sharing why I think I have the ability to deal with these persons. After I mention bargain/contract we cannot break, and JC would be a big No, No. they go away and others like it.
    I think if we are firm on the Divine Contract point of view, we can get some of our people back who would not listen, and make some areas of our country a hard place for them to deal with. I do not hate them, just think that for – say the cults – to try and merge two theologies is not only not kosher, but an insult to both faiths. Just sharing and hope I can help.

  4. I love you dude! I’m soooo greatful that my God has brought you into my life Tovia. Coming out of a christian belief system, one I wholehearted bought… hook line and sinker… was a quest that you sir has been instrumental on so many different levels! For your faithfulness, there are no words that can describe my thanks to haShem rabbi. May God truly continue to bless you!

  5. I would to see if anybody has an opinion on this possibility. Is it possible that some of the christian fulfillment prophecies in the new testament such as “he will be called a Nazarene” that clearly have no source in the Hebrew scriptures mite be from a non-conical text?

  6. WHY DID HE CUT THE RABBI OFF LIKE THAT…… SERIOUSLY!!!!! Can someone answer the last question….. How about blood atonements or blood sacrifices?

    • I saw another debate where the same thing happened over and over again. It seems to me that when a rabbi speaks, Christians go up in flames because they can’t win the argument and they know it.

      I’m not a jew, though, but I’m glad I found your site. Used to be pentecostal… Speaking in tongues and all that. I also used to be a literal pagan with the whole occult thing going on and that whole Christian thing just fits in nicely with some of those practices.

    • Having debated masters and doctoral students of theology, pastors and a professor of Christian apologetics as well as a devout Christian family member, I have identified a pattern. Without exception, they disengage when confronted with evidence and facts that expose Christianity as a falacy. Comfortable familiarity trumps rational evidence and forces one to either release a deceitful paradigm or accept denial of reality. Their faith is simply too precious to give up even when exposed for the lie it is.

      Most likely, the host recognized that he could not refute R Singer’s statements and did not want to place his Christian audience at risk. Having failed to present Christianity persuasively with the straw-man argument he was attempting to build, the host probably doubted he could stand up to Tovia’s argument in the other direction. What else could he do but disengage immediately?

  7. Respectfully, that radio talk show host got his butt kicked.
    Very slick approach he just didn’t know he’d gotten into the ring with Sonny Liston. If we learn our Bible we can all do that. That’s my kind of fun.

  8. Interesting, his best argument was about how the blood sacrifices forgive sin, but you Rabbi Tovia showed him that all a person has to do is repent and they are forgiven with no need of a blood sacrifice and you used the example of King David who merely confessed his sin and the Prophet Nathan said that his sin was forgiven. That was when the preacher cut you off because his argument was destroyed.

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