• Mary’s Genealogy

    Question: I am curious to know what happened during the 400 years or so between the Torah and the New Testament. Also, did the Jews have a king during Roman Era at all, and what was the function of the Sanhedrin? Why do they say Jesus was the king of the Jews? To which Jews […]

  • ‘But Look at How Believing in Jesus Changed My Life!’

    Question: Dear Rabbi Singer, I am certain that the question will surface somewhere in this general commentary I am making. I hope you will bear with me until the question does arise. For one who has been a Christian all his life, I find your commentaries very compelling and thought provoking, but, at times, dismaying, […]

  • The Christian Messiah

    Question: I used to be a Christian and I live in an area that is mainly Christian. I am now trying to live as a Buddhist. I would like information that proves that Jesus was NOT the Christ that the Christians claim. For instance, I do not see the end of war, the lion lying […]

  • Monotheism and Idolatry

    Question: I’m confused. I know that Christianity is pure paganism. I still believe that Yeshua ben Josef from Nazaret is not only the Messiah, but he is God. Not the second part of a three-part- God, but God himself. I am looked down upon because of my belief. I have been buried by my family, […]

  • Isaiah 53: Did Jesus Have Long Life?

    Question: My question pertains to an objection you raised in your tape series regarding the christological reading of Isaiah 53, specifically verse 10. This verse says that the Servant’s days will be prolonged. Jesus, however, died young. However, if we were to believe in the resurrection, that Jesus rose in the flesh, why can we […]

  • Did Jesus Claim to be God?

    Question: I have heard Christian missionaries claim that Jesus deliberately screened or veiled his divine nature on earth, so when he is asked a question by one of his disciples about the time of the end he can honestly answer, that no man, not even the Son knows the time of the end, only the […]

  • Who Killed Jesus?

    Question: Dear Rabbi, What can you answer to a “Christian” who claims that the Jews killed Jesus? I was too angry to think clearly of a good answer for that. Thank you. P.S. . . It’s hard to be a Jew in Hawaii sometimes! Answer: You shouldn’t get so angry at Christians who insist that […]

  • Who Was Jesus?

    Question: Dear Rabbi Singer, Apparently, you guys have not read about the foolishness of the Sanhedrin 2,000 years ago. Or perhaps, God has hardened your hearts. “Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani?” I’m sure you understand this as clearly as the Sanhedrin 2000 years ago understood this. Do you really believe that a poor carpenter born in […]