Real Journeys to Judaism

  • For a half a century of my life I had embraced an idolatrous path!

    Author's imageAndrea Woodward
  • I challenge you not take Rabbi Singers word for it, go through the scriptures and try to prove him wrong!

    Author's imageFred FlaniganFormer Christian
  • Wes Porch Testimonial

    Wes Porch was raised in a Southern Baptist home in Texas. This is the story of his journey from the Church to Messianic Judaism to converting and becoming an Orthodox Jew.

  • Matthew Gabler Testimonial

    A Jewish man’s journey back home from the Church to his Jewish Faith.

  • Fred Flanigan Testimonial

    A Christian man’s journey to Judaism.

  • Malka Testimonial

    A Jewish woman’s journey and experience as a Messianic Jew.