Role Play Program for Teenagers


When your Students meet a Christian missionary, how will they respond?


• Be moved by the missionaries’ friendly approach?

• Attend a gathering of fundamentalist Christians?

• Agree with the missionaries’ view on the Tanach?


Outreach Judaism’s Role Play Program

Will give your students an extraordinary experience and provide them with the tools to respond to the Christian missionaries that will target them.

This year 5,000 young Jews walked across the line that their grandparents would never consider – they bought the Christian message. 5,000 added last year to the more than 150,000 Jews already in Christian churches around the country. Jewish continuity is in a crisis of monumental proportions.


We’ve discovered common themes in these conversions.

“I was taken by his warmth and showing of real concern for me. And once I got to the meeting, everyone welcomed me as a member of the family.”

(Amy S)

The young person, away from home, probably for the first time, is vulnerable to approaches of friendship and support from a community that can and often does take the role of the family.

“What my roommate was telling me made sense. I mean it was in the Bible and she showed me what the Jewish prophets said. It’s the Jewish Bible and it said things that I could see was clearly telling me about Jesus. It’s the Jewish Bible, it couldn’t be wrong.”

(Jon G)

Many do not have enough knowledge of the Jewish texts, so they fall prey to the manipulative verses shown to them.

“I was convinced that accepting Yeshua as the moshiach made me a completed Jew. It was the most Jewish thing I ever did, accepting Yeshua as my personal savior.”

(Sandy K)

Once the bonds of friendship have taken hold, being manipulated into the next step by contrived ideas and error laden texts is very easy. Conversion. Another Jewish soul is lost, probably forever.

What You Can Do

Invite Rabbi Tovia Singer to conduct his enormously successful  MISSIONARY ROLE PLAY PROGRAM  for your school. He will give you and your students the tools to understand.

•    How the Christian missionaries operate to capture Jews for conversion.

•    How the Christian missionaries alter Jewish texts to manipulate the minds of Jews targeted for conversion.

•    How these overzealous missionaries take advantage of youthful vulnerability.

Our ROLE PLAY PROGRAM puts your students into the seats of targeted Jewish students being proselytized by “Mitch”, a missionary for Jews for Jesus. Mitch, who is expertly played by Rabbi Singer, presents the message the way it’s done by missionizers. Your students become involved by asking questions and arguing with Mitch.

Mitch leaves, Rabbi Tovia Singer appears to his astonished audience and begins an engrossing debriefing of the tactics used by Mitch. Rabbi Singer does this by having the students figure out the manipulative techniques that were used. The educational process has begun.

You can sense the tension in the audience while Mitch is presenting his story and the palpable expression of relief when he returns as Rabbi Tovia Singer.

Your students will learn because they will experience the tools of the missionary and become active participants in the learning process.

Here’s what others are saying about Outreach Judaism Missionary Role Play Program:

  • “Our students not only listened attentively to Rabbi Singer’s every word, but actively responded in an amazingly mature way. After it was over, they made me promise to have him return to meet with next year’s post Bar and Bat Mitzvah class”

    Author's imageDr. Shoshana SilbermanEducational Director Jewish Center Princeton Princeton, NJ Author of
  • “We’ve been inundated with calls from parents who are excited by their kids’ reactions to this special program. They are pleased with their childrens’ reactions to the program and are thrilled that their teenagers are sharing their thoughts about these issues.”

    Author's imageShelley KriegerDirector of Merkaz The Community High School for Jewish Studies Hartford, CT

“Rabbi Singer’s presentation to our Youth Jewish Leadership group was the most explosive, exciting, entertaining and thought-provoking of our year. In one evening, Rabbi Singer sparks an interest in and an awareness of a major problem facing the Jewish community, while at the same time stressing the importance of living Jewishly regardless of one’s level of observance or affiliation.”

Raphael Sonsino and Kerry GurovitschCo-Chairs, Young Jewish Leadership Program of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio
  • “This program was the highlight of a special weekend for teenagers. It was presented in an impressive, effective manner that teens can relate to. They now have an awareness of the missionary problem that they will take with them onto college campuses.”

    Phil CherkasBBYO Regional Director Pittsburgh, PA
  • “Rabbi Singer made a professional, outstanding presentation that reached into the hearts and minds of the 400 teenagers that we had in the room. They were moved and educated by his thoughtful presentation and I strongly recommend it for every Jewish organization regardless of affiliation”

    Rabbi Mark CohnDirector of the Southern Region of NCSY N. Miami Beach, FL.


You CAN be an active participant against Christian missionizing of young Jewish students by calling or emailing Rabbi Singer so he can answer your questions and schedule your Outreach Judaism Missionary Role Play Program.

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