The Gentiles are Coming!


Dear Rabbi Singer,

I have just received my order of your tape series today. I live in Canada and I am a Seventh-day Adventist minister. To say the least, your recorded lectures are eye-opening. Obviously, I will have to make some radical changes in my life and profession, and family life will be impacted drastically. I would value your input as I process these changes. Being in my mid forties with a large family, this is a pivotal time to make this change for all of us.

My immediate question is this: I am interested in researching an accurate list of the 613 mitzvot. Is it possible to secure an e-mail list of the 613 commandments? Alternately, in what written publication will I find these listed?

Thanks for your loving efforts to speak the truth. Better the truth than the comfortable and the familiar. You have spoken the truth and I treasure it even though it upsets previously-held beliefs. I feel relieved since you have lifted severe cognitive dissonance in my thinking on the theological front. Many thanks.


Although Outreach Judaism is an organization dedicated to helping Jews understand why Judaism does not accept the Christian messiah, our crucial message is clearly reaching far beyond the nation of Israel. When I founded this organization it never entered my mind that so many gentiles would be so deeply affected by our work.

Over the years, however, it became abundantly clear to me that in spite of my original goals, there were larger plans in store for Outreach Judaism. I could have never anticipated the vast number of both lay people and pastors coming forward out of the evangelical church and embracing the One God of Israel. I encountered an enormous amount of vile anti-Semitism in my youth so I just assumed that “goyim” were, for some strange, irrational reason, repulsed by Jews and Judaism. In later years I discovered that my childhood conclusions about non-Jews were skewed.

To answer to your question, I would recommend Maimonides’ Sefer Hamitzvos which has been translated into English by Rabbi Charles B. Chavel, and is published by Soncino Press in a two-volume set.

Please stay in touch and may the Merciful One continue to guide you.

With best wishes for a happy Chanukah.

Very truly yours,

Rabbi Tovia Singer