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  • Will God Save Only the Jews?

    Question: Dear Rabbi, I would agree with most of what you said in the above noted commentary [“Has God Divorced Israel? What Is the Meaning of the ‘New Covenant’ Promised in Jeremiah?”], except your broad sense of rejection of when the Lord did or did not establish the new covenant. My overriding concern and question […]

  • Why Didn’t the Red Ribbon on the Head of the Scapegoat Turn White in 30 C.E.?

    Question: I was wondering about a story that a “Hebrew-Christian” told me recently. He said that there was a scarlet cloth which would turn white every year when the high priest atoned for the sins of the people. When Jesus died, around 30 A.D., the cloth would no longer turn white when the priest atoned […]

  • Are the Jews Hiding Something?

    Question: Dear Rabbi, Missionaries claim that we are so “scared” of Isaiah 53 that we have omitted it from the Haftorah reading when it comes up. I know this can’t be true, but what should be my response when this is brought up? Thank you. Answer: This well-worn claim that the Jews have deliberately removed […]