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Does the Talmud Condone Murder, Pedophilia, and Idolatry?

Let's Get Biblical (Part 23 of 24)

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In a shocking assault on Judaism, anti-Semitic groups make a forceful argument that the Talmud, the sacred compendium of the Oral Torah, advocates the vilest crimes known to man.

Tragically, these despicable allegations are made by both Christian and Moslem anti-Semites. How is it possible to slander this revered tome which contains the sacred moral foundation of the Jewish faith?

In this eye-opening presentation, Rabbi Singer steps forward to expose some of the most vicious and deceptive charges made against the sages of Israel. He demonstrates how statement in the Talmud are manipulated and misquoted by anti-Semites in order to slander the children of Israel.

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