• Who is the One to Come with the Clouds of Heaven Like A Son of Man?

    Rabbi Tovia Singer joins Ira Michaelson and Rod Bryant live on air to explore one of the most ecstatic and debated apocalyptic passages in the Jewish Scriptures. Who is the one who “comes with the clouds of heaven, like the son of man” in Daniel’s night vision? (Daniel 7:13) Missionaries claim that this verse describes […]

  • Rabbi Tovia Singer Explores Striking Prophecies About the Messiah that Refute Core Church Teachings

    Christians are baffled by the Jewish rejection of Jesus, and Jews are bewildered why Christians would even entertain the notion that Jesus is the messiah. In this eye-opening presentation, Rabbi Tovia Singer illustrates that graphic messianic prophecies found in the Book of Ezekiel oppose central Christian teachings about Jesus.

  • The Gospels were Not Written by Those Whose Names are Attached to Them

    Rabbi Tovia Singer explains that the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were written anonymously, and the authors did not claim to be followers of Jesus or eyewitnesses. In this presentation, Rabbi Singer explores how second century church fathers came to assert that the gospels were written by apostles and companions of the apostles.

  • Rabbi Tovia Singer Explores Jewish and Christian Views on the Resurrection of the Dead

    What happens after you die? People frequently conflate the belief in the resurrection of the dead with the notion of the immortality of the soul. They are in fact two different but related views. Rabbi Tovia Singer explains that while Judaism and Christianity both affirm what is commonly called eternal life, there are important differences […]

  • Did Jesus Actually Exist? Rabbi Tovia Singer’s Evidence and Conclusion will Surprise You

    There is significant body of literature devoted to proving that Jesus never existed. Proponents of this position are called “mythicists” because they believe that Jesus is a myth. Most New Testament Scholars argue that mythicists are dead wrong. Rabbi Tovia Singer’s opinion and his compelling evidence on this provocative topic will shock you.

  • Rabbi Tovia Singer Discusses the Jewish Tradition of Praying at a Gravesite

    Rabbi Singer explores the meaning and limitations of the ancient Jewish tradition of praying at a gravesite.

  • Rabbi Tovia Singer Explains Why Paul’s Influence on Christian Thinking was so Significant

    Rabbi Tovia Singer explains why Paul may have been the most influential convert to Christianity. His teachings were unique in that he insisted that keeping the Law was worse than irrelevant; it was an admission that Jesus’ death was insufficient for salvation.

  • Debate: Rabbi Tovia Singer vs. Dr. Craig Evans

    Rabbi Singer debates Dr. Craig Evans on the question – “Is Jesus the Promised Jewish Messiah?” Recorded at the campus of Houston Baptist University.

  • The Jewish Messiah: Why We Reject Jesus

    Rabbi Tovia Singer Explains why the Jews reject Jesus as the Jewish Messiah in 3 minutes.